How to do flash funds in Canada

How to do flash funds in Canada, flashing funds that reflects in bank account available balance in Canada without risks,

If you want to flash funds in Canada that will reflect on bank account available balance without any hassles then you’re on the right article that will lead you through.

For you to flash funds in Canada you have to first of all get the software that is used to do flash funds transactions

How can I get flash funds software?

To get flash funds software you will have to order for the flash funds license, get flash funds license here or contact us to provide you with assistance through your purchasing of the flash funds license software and with payment alternatives,

After you have purchased your flash funds license, the next step is to login to the flash funds system here, when you have logged in successfully and it requires license you should use your license codes to gain access.

After you logged into the flash funds system and accessed your account, final step is to begin your flash funds transactions,

Guide on how to do flash funds transaction

  1. Get beneficiary account details
  2. Open your flash funds account
  3. Tap “flash funds” button
  4. Choose country you want to flash
  5. Enter bank name or select country
  6. Enter amount
  7. Enter sender information (your own supposed name as the sender)
  8. Enter sender bank name
  9. Choose either you want it to reflect instant or 2-3 business working days
  10. Confirm details and ensure all is correct before proceeding
  11. Submit your flash funds transaction and monitor the status through notifications or recent activities, the moment the flash funds transaction is successfully completed you will be notified by email and on the platform.

Do i need VPN to use flash funds software in Canada?

No, you don’t need VPN before you can use the flash funds software to carry out your flash payments, you just need to ensure you send the flash payment as you want it to the beneficiary.

How safe is this flash funds software?

By default most flash funds softwares are not hundred percent (100%) safety guaranteed but this particular flash funds software is hundred percent (100%) safe to use and no VPN is required because it has an inbuilt security that will keep you secure throughout your transactions and it’s usage in it’s entirety of the duration.

When the flash funds software expires what should I do?

You can either renew it yourself by navigating to your “Profile – License” or you contact us to assist you for the renewal.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my license on the flash funds software?

You can upgrade your license but can not downgrade until your plan is expired completely and it’s in grace period, accounts eligible for downgrade are accounts that have passed the expiration period and have entered the grace period,

What is Flash Funds grace period?

The grace period for other licenses are about 30 days after the actual expiration date during which you can still renew the license at the regular rate meanwhile grace period for professional license (unlimited transaction) is three (3) months,


kindly make sure you set up your account after securing the license, you can navigate to settings and set up how you want your flash transactions to arrive either instant if it’s local payment or 2-3 business days if it’s international payment, if you don’t know how to set it up you can contact us for further guidance. Setting up your account is important to avoid telling beneficiary who lives in the same country with you (local to local payment) that you have paid and they will expect it to arrive in their account instantly meanwhile the flash payment will take 2-3 business days to arrive thereby blowing up your business or any agreement because we will not be liable to any inconvenience this might lead to.

Now that’s how to do flash funds in Canada instant reflection on available balance, that’s all for today see you on the next one.

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