7 Steps on how to Hack Bank Account

Here’s 7 Steps on how to Hack Bank Account in Nigeria without hassles, easy and simple methods of bank hacking in Nigeria.

We want to show you guys some of the ways some cyber fraudster become rich in Nigeria. In this article, I will be taking you through the details how fraudsters hack a bank account in Nigeria.

Nigerians are one of the most careless people in the world, specifically in Africa. So if there is anybody you can dupe, it should be Nigerians. A week ago, I was able to hack a bank account in Nigeria through one of our users that provided us the information we needed because getting bank details especially card details in Nigeria is very easy, i will explain how to get card details in Nigeria. I collected two million Naira from the account.

Nobody reported anything and the bank kept playing with the victim because even the bank couldn’t understand how the money left the account, i followed up through the victim’s email conversation with the bank and till date no solution to fix the customer’s problem.

I will be guiding you in this article how I was able to hack the account, and you can try it by yourself. this is one of the bank fraudulent activity you can carryout from your comfort zone without hassles.

Remember, this post is aimed to keep you informed and using the method you acquired on this article is at your own risk. If anything goes wrong you will bear the consequences yourself.

There are several methods to steal money from someone’s bank account, but I will be sharing our method first, which is the simplest method. If you try and it doesn’t work, leave a comment in the comment section, and I will show you how else you can do it.


How to hack Bank Account in Nigeria

Like I explained this above, there are several ways to hack bank account and withdraw money not to your own bank account because it is very risky but to crypto wallet


all you have to do is use the conversion and convert the funds to crypto (either Bitcoin or USDT) or you use it to buy crypto currency from any crypto exchange whichever that you prefer is great choice.

Now let’s dive in more deeper starting with the methods one can use to transfer money from someone’s bank account without authorization or OTP verification

The Phishing Method

The simplest method to hack bank account in Nigeria but requires lot of works such as creating a Fake website (E-commerce website where you claim to be selling products that are on high demand but only for you to be stealing credit/debit card information of customers and using it as you please by hacking their bank account through it.

It is easy and simple to hack any bank account in the world when you have the details of the credit/debit card information that is linked to the particular account you want to hack,

On the website, just be selling expensive products at cheap prices and advertise the platform anonymously on Google ads or social media like facebook, instagram and others. Make it attractive by highlighting to customers


At the backend of this website, there should be where you access every details that registered customers submitted, (that is why adding card details as payment method to a website is dangerous).

When you promote the website and people see how cheap the products are they will fall for it and start to buy in bulk because people love cheap things especially when it comes to them without stress such as (free delivery at door step),

Don’t make it obvious that the platform is fraudlent, actually deliver the products

WHAT?! 😳

yes, you read that right. remember above i said it will cost money and time to get this done, spend money to buy these products and deliver them when they are paid for,

Now here’s the catch, direct your ads to an area that you know the people are rich, “target the promotion of your website to wealthy people only”

Every information of a customer you will have access to it all.

OTP will not required because customer authorized you by adding the card details as payment method


You don’t have to be a professional scammer to be able to do this; you only need the appropriate technology or learn from someone.

The Keylogger Method

This is one of the easiest ways to hack a bank account, A malware is distributed into the system of the victim through files or documents sent into the system. The aim is just to gather much information about the system of the person you are trying to hack his/her account.

There are lots of malware that records what your victim is typing, which then sends information back to you. Let’s say you send malware into the computer of someone and they go online to buy something. The malware will record the card details, login information, and everything that would make them access your account.

If the person has an online banking platform on their computer, once they log into their platform, you will be able to get their details and make money from their accounts. You don’t even need authorization because you have access the the vital informations.

The only way people can prevent Keyloggers attack is only if they have a Strong Security and ensure that it scans your system. A good security will disarm keyloggers before it triggers and cause severe damages. Your bank’s second-level of authentication will not save you,

Credit/Debit Card Hacking Method

ATM card hacking known as “CARDING”(credit/debit card) can be carried out even if you don’t know the person’s pin. All you need to hack someone’s ATM card is to get the details of the credit/debit card.

Once you have the details of the card, it becomes easy for you to withdraw money from the card until it is blocked or replaced.

How Can I Hack Debit/Credit Card?

font rush, i will come to that, i will explain how to get it done swiftly without issues or concerns of security/law enforcement agencies hunting you.

Note: if you plan to use the card for online shopping don’t ever use your real informations such as name and address while buying something with someone’s card. They will track you and prosecute you so be careful!

FOR NIGERIANS: BVN and Account Number Method

For every scam to be successful, there are so many people involved in the scam. This means that it is not only the person with your BVN that is involved in the scam. When scammers have your BVN, they can use your BVN to access your account, but they will need a 3rd party to do that for them.

There is also a software that most banks use; once they insert your BVN into the software, they are able to retrieve all the informations all banks linked to your BVN inclusive.

Two Ways to transfer money using BVN and account number

I will explain just one of the methods, with your BVN, they will get the following;

  • Account number
  • Phone number
  • Date of Birth
  • Secret Question and Answer
  • Email

Once they have all this information, they can easily change your pin and use it to commit fraud on your account or even take loans.

If They encounter any challenge they can also use an insider to help them complete the transaction, which isn’t difficult to get nowadays.

Before you give someone your BVN, think about it very well. Someone can use your BVN, get your informations, access your account, take loan or transfer your funds without your authorization. Your BVN should be kept secret and nobody should know about it except you otherwise they can use it to do alot on the internet such as KYC verification on certain platforms, take loan and many more.

Two Ways to Transfer Money Using BVN and Account Number

  • Secret Hacking Softwares
  • Bank Insider’s Fraudulent job

I will only explain the insider job as a means of transferring money using BVN and Account Number.

Bank Insider’s Fraudulent Job

When scammers have your BVN, what they do is basically establish a link with someone inside of the bank. If they have the software, they can easily use your BVN to find your name, date of birth, account number, phone number, etc.

Once they have this information, they will reconnect with their contact inside the bank. The contact will use your information to find your other details and hand it over to the scammers and they will clear your account. But you have to trust whoever will act as your insider so as to avoid being arrested for fraud.

I suggest you should relate with your friend (for example: if you have any close friends in the bank). But if you don’t have, then act with knowledge to avoid getting busted because to eat is not problem but to eat and clean traces is the big problem.

How they do the Transfer once they have your Information

  • Internet Banking

I will be explaining most of these methods very soon. If you will like to know more, please keep dropping your comments and tell me things you will like me to write on soon, i will also be writing on how to use someone’s BVN and make money in Nigeria.

The Message Method to hack bank account using BVN

Most times you would see some specific text messages telling you that

“You need to update your BVN or your account will be blocked. Call 080xxxxxxxxxx to help you update it.”

That is also another method you can use to get your client’s details and how to hack a bank account and withdraw money. In this situation, you would need to get the following;

  • A bulk SMS application.
  • Phone numbers of people (you can buy from people who sell)
  • A laptop (where you can make instant transactions)
  • A card verification software (to know if the card number you are collecting is correct)
  • Internet connection.

How do i defraud someone using message method?

Get bulk SMS app or software and open the it, get your target contacts and type in this message:

“This is a notification from the Central Bank that account is currently being hacked. To secure your money, please call Mr. Taiwo (Your account manager) on 080xxxxxxxxxx to assist you further.”

Then you send it to the target phone numbers, remember it is only gullible or greedy people with no brains that fall for this scam method because it is old fashioned and mostly you don’t earn much money with it unless you are lucky or you focus on getting valid card details, using it and asking them to call out OTP for you.

When you send the bulk SMS Some ignorant ones will start calling to check if it is true, you have to sound like a professional. If you want to make meaningful money then there are three majot informations you need to collect from them, have them online as you initiate withdrawal from their bank account with the details they provided to you. The following are the details;

  • Card number
  • Expiry date
  • CVV (the long number at the back of their Credit/Debit Card).

Once you have all these, don’t tell them you will get back to them and assist them further,


that will raise suspicion.

What you have to do is launch your credit/debit card hacking software if you have one, if you don’t then you need one. Contact Us to get one or for recommendation.

With the card hacking software you just need to enter the card details and pull out any amount you want no OTP required!

Alternatively, if you want to use online payment platforms like paystack, flutter wave and co then also note that OTP verification might be required ofcourse is not an issue because you have your victim online and there is 50/50 chances that the victim might not give you the OTP or might not even give out their card details in the first place, okay fine! Assuming the victim did give you everything you asked for also know that this comes with risk, 

The disadvantage of this method is that people are becoming wiser about giving out their details to anyone who sends them messages. So it might not work again.

The Banking Trojan Method

This is another brilliant way to hack a bank account for those who can develop applications. It is a very simple way to get information about users who use bank apps to make transactions. Let me show you the steps to use the bank trojan to hack any bank account.

1. You will create a mobile application replica of any bank in Nigeria (Just make it look similar)

2. Now you will host the mobile application on the internet. You might not be able to host the application on the Google Play Store because they will block the application.

3. The application will have a back end, where you will receive the login details of everybody that download the application.

Once you have their log in details, you can go ahead and download the main application and access their accounts from the real application.


This is not how to become a professional hacker because you will need to practice and practice until you become perfect at it or even loose your life and freedom on tbr process. You need offrakle to carryout this transaction, For more information, guide or recommendations contact us.

We will add more information to this in the future, if you are confused about how to start, you can ask questions in the comment section or reach out to us and we will reply, explain or answer all your questions.

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